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These do not fall under other categories, but may be used by other projects.

Pom poms


Pom poms are often included as decoration at the tops of hats, on mittens, or as embellishments on other clothing and toys.


  • Cut 2 cardboard circles, making them measure 3 inches across.
  • Cut out a circular hole in the center of each, making it ½ inch across.
  • Cut off 1 piece of 2 different types of thread, making each at least 3 yards long. Put the ends together, side by side.
  • Holding the 2 cardboard circles together, thread the two strings into the center hole, over the edges, into the center, over the edges, doing this over and over again until the entire length of thread is used.
  • Put one leg of a pair of scissors between the 2 cardboard edges of the circles, and cut the thread apart.
  • Put a short double thread of string between the 2 cardboard circles and tie the ends of the double thread firmly together.
  • Tear off the cardboard, and carefully clip the surface of the pompon even.



Tassels can be used in the same way as pompoms, but are slightly more delicate.


  • Cut a piece of cardboard 1 inch long and ½ inch wide.
  • Over this, wind a strand of yarn 10 times.
  • Thread a long-eyed needle with yarn. Slip it under the yarn on the cardboard and tie it together at the top.
  • Clip the yarn apart at the other edge of the card.