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Welcome to the Open Stitch Dictionary. This site aims to be a complete, creative commons reference for stitches for crochet, knitting, embroidery, and other types of needlework. We currently in beta and registration is closed, but information will be added soon.


Why public domain?

I believe that because handicafts, and especially textile and needleworking crafts, have been with the human race since the beginning of our history, that knowledge about them should be available and free to everyone. I have no issue with the authors and artists who have created beautiful instructional and pattern books for sale, but I do not believe you should have to pay to read and own anything about how to make things for yourself. Needleworking belongs to the human race as a whole, and should be accessible to everyone regardless of where or who they are.

What this site is not

This site does not aim to be a place for complete patterns, free, paid, or otherwise. It is instead here to help you learn how to follow and make your own patterns.