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Crochet is a method of textile making that uses a single hook and different types of knots that are woven together to make a complete item or garment. It can be used to make clothing, accessories, toys (often called amigurumi), and anything else that can be made from fabric. Perhaps the best known application of the craft is the Granny Square, which has many different variations and can be used as the foundation for almost any object. There are also several different alternative kinds of crochet that differ in the way the fabric is constructed. See the sections below for explanations of each.

Abbreviations in crochet patterns are often differentiated between American terms and UK/European terms. This guide will use American terminology primarily, but UK terms will be noted in parentheses.

Basic Stitches

Pattern stitches

Other types of crochet

  • Tunisian crochet
  • Fillet crochet